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Bionicle: Island Map

The Lego Bionicle: Island Map! This set displays the maps of the three main islands in the early Lego Bionicle storyline. Sides depict Mata Nui, Metru Nui, Voya Nui, and the six elements of the Toa. A small stand with the original mask of Toa Tahu pays tribute to the initial wave of Lego Bionicle in 2001.

I have designed and built this set to pay tribute to my favorite Lego theme as a child. Not only were these sets imaginative and spectacular to build, but the storyline that came from the theme created a fantastic and exciting world for everyone to explore and enjoy. This set captures the storytelling of the Lego Bionicle line.

Anyone and everyone who grew up with Bionicle sets in the early 2000's, or have even come to appreciate the theme more recently, will enjoy this tribute to one of Lego's most unique ventures of all time!

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