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The masked ball

The fourth set of Lego Antiquity collection 01 is a masked ball. Many rich romans organized masked balls in their Villas. The Romans liked those balls because the celebrations were always great fun.
And while everybody enjoys the festival a roman is captured by another one and his slave. They hide their prisoner in the cisterns because they hope that no one will find him there. But a brave guard searches for his master and enters the cisterns.

The set includes one area with pots with colours. So the slaves could be painted to look good. Also some rich Romans painted themselves. On the shelf are masks for the guests. Then there is a small staircase and a huge bed. There are two golden statues in front of it.

The cisterns consist of two parts. There is some water and also some small statues. At the entrance are two statues and two torches.

Originally this set where two equal sets, but we connected it to a bigger one with more minifigs.

The set includes seven minifigs: two roman woman, one gold painted slave with a mask, two rich Romans, one slave and one guard.
Accessoires: three shortswords, two knives and a golden cup.

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