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Star Wars: Imperial Assault Gunboat (aka Star Wing)

This is a model of the assault gunboat from the X-Wing/Tie-Fighter game series (Mu 1 anyone?) set around the events after the battle of Hoth. Its recognizable design with the 5 fins has earned it the nickname "Star Wing". You can find more background info in the Wookieepedia.

It is one of my favorite ships from the game series; it's like a Lambda shuttle but shrunken to starfigher size!

Here's a view from the rear of the model.

The model depicted is aimed at the advanced builder (age 12+) and features a range of different (SNOT) techniques to keep the build as non-repetitive and interesting as possible.

The model in the pictures is to minifig scale and made from 682 pieces and two stickers on it (the photoshopped markings on the dorsal fin). The model is made exclusively from already existing pieces; so no new components or new colors for components.

Looking at the size of this model, I estimate that the set price without optimization or shortcuts would be at around $90 / €90 (it is slightly bigger and therefor more expensive than the 9493 X-Wing).

It comes with landing gear as shown below.

The wings fold up so you can land it properly.

And to top it all of the model also has a fully detailed cockpit for the pilot.

I think it's a shame that this craft hasn't been made yet, especially for those of us who collect star fighters (like yours truly). I feel that it really has an iconic design that would appeal to many Star Wars universe enthusiasts.

Thank you for looking and don't forget to support! :)

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