Product Idea

City Post Office

Have a special present to send to a loved one? Perhaps a plastic construction toy? Why not drop it off at your local neighborhood post office!

Perhaps you'll run into your friendly carrier as he leaves in the truck for his daily run. Step inside and drop off your package at the counter where the helpful clerk awaits your arrival. On the way out, check the bulletin board for any lost dogs, yard sales, and other messages. 

Upstairs, a worker is forever sorting the letters and packages that arrive daily for delivery. 

  • Two story building
  • Includes 5 minifigs: 3 postal workers (a clerk, sorter, postal carrier/driver), a man & a woman customer.
  • First floor is partitioned into a lobby with clerical desk and back warehouse.
  • Lobby includes post office boxes, a public bulletin board, and a sign with the current postal rates.
  • Second floor is the sorting room which is accessible by the freight elevator.
  • The sorting room includes several shelves for parcels, filing cabinets, and a work space to sort the mail.
  • A functional, gated service elevator provides access to both floors.
  • A loading dock sits behind the building providing the mail truck access to the warehouse.
  • The mail truck has a functioning rear hatch.
  • The outside boasts (4) letter drop off slots with an awning above the doorway with sign.
  • The outside sign and mail truck have the familiar post office logo used in other sets.
  • The post office separates into three sections to allow easy access for optimal play ability.
  • Modular design permits connecting with other modular buildings.
  • Measures 5" (12.5 cm) wide and over 8" (20 cm) high.
  • Over 1,150 bricks