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Niké Temple


Usually, I create Star Wars models, but this is something completely else.

The Niké temple is one of the smaller (and known) ancient Greek temples, unlike the Parthenon, it has also walls on the outside, not only pillars.

For more information about the temple:

As almost every ancient artefact, this is seriously damaged (pic. 7&8)

I built the pillars on the same way as the Villa Savoye, with light sword blades. (pic. 1,2,3,4)

For the roof I used 1x1 roof tiles instead of 1x2 roof tiles, this technique is also visible in the Architecture series. (pic. 5)

At the front, I used transparent pieces, but this is NO GLASS! For me, this was the only way to represent the 'gaps'  between the walls. (pic. 6)

This would fit perfect into the Architecture line.

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