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Car Factory


There have been many LEGO car sets over the years, but where were they made? In a car factory! My LEGO Car Factory would be a great addition to any LEGO City.

It is made of 941 bricks, which makes it the biggest set I've built so far. It uses 4 32x32 baseplates and a 16x32 baseplate, which makes it 144 studs long and 16 studs wide. There are also cars going through the various stages of building:

  1. The roof and side panels are being attached
  2. The doors are being attached
  3. The car is being painted
  4. The lights are being attached
  5. The engine is being fitted
  6. The front and rear windscreens have been attached and the interior has been put in. The wheels and bonnet are now being fitted

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