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Men In Black 3


Men in Black 3

The latest Men in Black movie, MIB3, released in 2012, was a thrilling sci-fi movie starring Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin. I wanted to recreate the iconic Miami bike chase scene between Boris the Animal and the MIB agents. I loved Boris's cool gold motorcycle and the odd looking monocycles and thought it would be fun to build them in Lego.


The model is minifig scale. The monowheels are made of 36 hinges each and also a lot of flex pieces. This model has over 290 chrome and metallic pieces. I recreated the road and city scene as a realistic backdrop for the bikes.This model looks great from all angles and would make a great display for any desk or bookshelf. 


Pieces: 716

Length: 42.4cm

Width: 21.7cm

Height: 16.2cm

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