The New Batman Adventures: You Scratch my Back

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This set, (You Scratch my Back) is based on the 1997 episode of The New Batman Adventures, called, You Scratch my Back. In the part of the episode this set is based off of, Nightwing and Catwoman go down to the docks to stop artifact smugglers from smuggling from rare artifacts, but Catwoman turns on Nightwing, and steals a rare gem. Then, Batman and Batgirl come to the docks to stop Catwoman and the smugglers. Batman fights the smuggler's boss, Enritha Al Gontcho, and Nightwing chases Catwoman to get the priceless gem.

There are six minifigures in this set. They include Batman (The New Batman Adventures) with fire extinguisher), Batgirl (The New Batman Adventures) with batarang, Nightwing with motorcycle helmet, Artifact Smuggler with crowbar, Enritha Al Gontcho, and Catwoman with gem. 5/6 of these minifgures are new deigns, although the Catwoman minifigure has been seen in a previous set.

The main part of this set is the dock. Its main play feature is the crane that can pick up a crate, and push it into Enritha Al Gontcho, causing him to fall into the water. the dock is also raise up one brick, giving it a feel of being above water, rather than being leveled with it.

The Smuggler's Speed Boat includes a red steering wheel, a propeller on the back, a hook to store the crowbar, and dual flick-missiles to try and take out Batgirl.

Nightwing's Motorcycle has two exhaust flames on on the rear end, two translucent blue headlights, and one translucent yellow headlight.

Additional Set Information:
Pieces: 99
Retail Price: About $19.99
Minifigures: 6
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