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Coral Reef


This is a model of a coral reef under the deep blue sea. It is an idea of what it might look like and is not representing any specific plant species.

I made a coral reef a few years ago and later built this new coral reef. When I designed it, I planned to use less colorful pieces as in the previous reef and use duller colors as this is a little more accurate to most real coral reefs. This virtual model was made using I then produced the above renderings using the same software.

The model was built on a 16x16 plate (excluding the border).

The model includes:

  • sea grasses
  • fish of various colors
  • various different corals
  • a starfish
  • rock formations
  • small rocks

I think that this would make a great display set with the nice black border around the model. It is delicate and I do not intend it to be used for play.

I hope you like the model. Thanks for reading!

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