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Godzilla 60th Anniversary Edition


Godzilla returns to LEGO Ideas for the third and (I promise) final edition. For we, have a reason to celebrate: IT'S GODZILLA'S BIRTHDAY!! In a few short days the King of all Monsters will turn 60 years old, just as I've finished fine tuning my LEGO version of the almighty kaiju. 

Changes include: 

  • Fully swingable and SUPER flexible tail! 
  • Easily poseable arms!
  • New height of 35cm and new length of 72cm! 
  • thicker and more poseable neck and head! 
  • and finally, glow in the dark spines! 

Since this model is so big, I figured he'd be better off standing alone rather than having a fellow kaiju to duke it out with. Although other things that could be included are: 

  • A stand to hold his tail up for posing
  • minifigues from the new movie such as Ford Brody, Joseph Brody and Ishiro Serizawa. 
  • Special edition plaque 

Everyone's been getting more and more excited about the idea of a Godzilla set so let's all wish him a Happy Birthday on Nov 3rd 2014 and make that happen!!! 



All copyrights to Toho, Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures. 


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