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Steam-engine Car


Basic descriptons

Universe: the Earth of alternative future

Style: steampunk

Assignment: traveller's surviving vehicle

Materials: "steel" and "wood"

Story and image

This car with a steam engine was built by his owner. He used many out-of-order-looking parts to create his own surviving transport. An engine and a funnel of an old loco, the wheels of a car from 30s, a big boiler (from a former restaurant kitchen maybe) and an old chest were got together and transformed into a car in a steampunk style.On the front and back parts of the corps there are oil lanterns (two for each direction). On the side parts a shovel, a rifle and the belongings of a car owner are fixed. All the design directed to look like different steel sheets were bound together to become a custom car.

Set complectation
1 - Car (details for building) 1 - shovel, 1 - rifle, 1 - bag, 1 - minifirure (owner of the car)


Thanks for looking and reading! Vote for my set if you like Steampunk, LEGO or them both together =)

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