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Minifig Scale MÁV M62 „Szergej” Locomotive


Thank You for 250 supporters! +interior release

About an hour ago we passed 250 supports. It's the quarter of our next big milestone, the 1000 supports! If You supported my model, please accept my grateful thanks.

I decided to release the interior now and add a few images from the inside of this model:


100 supporters!

I would like to say a big thanks to Everyone, who supported my model! We passed the first milestone, the 100 supporters, and we got an extra year to reach the next one, the 1000!

Upcoming updates:
  • I'm working on the interior of the locomotive, I'll post it if it's complete.
  • If the interior is complete, I plan to make a different connecting system, so you can connect cars to it.
  • I plan to make cars for the locomotive.
  • I'll try to create the locomotive with paints of other countries, where the M62 was used.

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