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Vintage Accordion

The accordion is a wonderful instrument, and it produces a beautiful, lively sound.

It is also sometimes referred to as a squeeze box, and the instrument originates from Europe.
I built this accordion basing it of my own, giving it, it's distinctive metallic-green color, and it consists of 923 pieces. I built it because I saw LEGO was lacking musical instruments, and I thought my idea of a LEGO accordion had much potential.

I believe this would make an excellent LEGO set, as it would be a must-have for all music-lovers.
I don't think someone has to recognize the accordion to fall in love with its sound and design, as it would look great on display.

Overall, this is by far my most favorite build, and I am most proud of!
I hope you adore this set as much as I do, and I would really appreciate your support :)

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