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10 Downing Street

This is a LEGO version of the famous number 10 Downing Street- the home of all British Prime Ministers. It is a truly historical building, with lots of stories to tell!

Say hello to the Downing Street cat- who's definitely in charge of the place! Other features include the iconic front door scene, the famous yellow stairwell surrounded by portraits of former leaders, a cabinet meeting table where all the big decisions are made, and a bedroom where the PM hangs out in his/her own time.

This set is like a modular, but on a smaller 16x16 baseplate. All floors are easily detachable, so that one can play in the interior.

I have deliberately not put any minifigures in this set, to avoid any political theme and to keep the set entirely neutral. It is a fun, accurate and educational set! 

Thank you for your support!

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