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Meteor to Marshmallow Laser Converter on a Truck


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The world is under threat once again! 
As thousands of flaming chunks of rocks descend from the heavens (outer space).

But wait! Its not over yet! 
Protect the city with the new Meteor to Marshmallow laser converter on a truck!

on the streets it looks like a normal truck, and drives like a normal truck, and thats because it is a normal truck! It may have a giant roof with a retractable laser converter in it, but it still functions like a normal truck.

Use your imagination to convert any meteor bombardment threats and convert them into tasty marshmallows for the citizens of lego city!
(product results may vary, might not work on other falling debris from outer space)

Set Includes:

  • Meteor to Marshmallow laser converter on a truck
  • 2 Laser Technician Minifig
  • Top Secret Laser converter catalyst in a (red) tank

Set does not include:

  • Marshmallows 

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