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Medival Chess Set


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This medieval style chess set is great for both the Lego builder and the chess player. If you are both, then all the better! I myself am both a builder and a player, and know that I would love to have a copy of this set and want others to as well.

There are 522 bricks in the set (the minifigs account for 140 of them), and the board measures 10 in. square. There are 32 minifigs/pieces.  I am trying to make a board with an opening compartment for the pieces to go into, and I will post an update if I am successful.

I know that the white (or silver) king and queen are switched, it was an accident. Also that I missed a torso on a black (or gold) knight. I would have fixed them, but POV Ray takes a long time to render new images, so I figured I’d just leave it.

Thanks for checking this out! If you have any questions or recommendation, please comment and I will post an update after trying to fix the problem. I would rather have your healthy criticism than have this project make it to the Review and get rejected.

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