OWLS Intel Station

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The Off-World Logistics and Surveillance(OWLS) corporation trades in secrets. Major tools of the trade are intelligence workstations like this one where OWLS spies turn raw data into finished intelligence products that are useful to the customer.

Hidden compartments, the ATV, and the numerous accessories give this set a high degree of playability. If the builder also has the OWLS hidden launch site it can be put on the top of this set in place of the included roof for more OWLS action.

This is meant to be the main structure in the OWLS product line, suitable for stocking on shelves at all the major retail department stores. Suggested price point is around $25 US.

This shows the boss minifig and intelligence work terminal. The deployable sensor cluster is at right. The seat folds up into the terminal and the whole assembly swings closed like a doll's house.

This hidden door in the side is for the builder to access the flick missiles and launcher. The minifig is holding a long range point scanner that can also be imagined as a laser gun.

The sensor cluster folds up and stows in this hidden compartment.

The ATV has the basic OWLS accessories: scanner/pistol and comm analyzer/radio. The ATV fits inside the base easily. I originally intended it to be a third "pocket money" set in the OWLS line, but two such sets are enough.