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Memory game based on Minifigures

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Classic memory gameplay with following components:

- minifigures (the number you want)
- 6x6 plates (one plate per minifigure)
- regular bricks (to build hidding blocks)

Easy rules (fully customizable, as for classic memory)

1. Display a given number of minifigures (for example 16) on table top.

2. Try and memorize every figure position.

3. Cover every figure with home-made blocks.

4. Roll the dice. Point where you think the corresponding figure is.
If you're right, you win the fig.
NB : all figures' positions are re-arranged every time a figure has been won.

5. Next player rolls the dice.

When all figs have been swept, player with most figs wins.


Universal game. Great for kids and adults alike. But be careful, children usually crush grown-ups at this game! (they have much better memory skills...)

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