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Halloween Monster Living Room Set with Chomping Couch


My son and I were at it again...having fun creating! This time we created a Halloween Monster Living Room Set. We wanted to create an environment for all those cool monster minifigures. We wanted it colorful and fun! Included in the set is a couch, lamp, vintage style tv, bookcase, and carpet. The minifigures are existing ones with swapped parts. The final set could have original designed minifigures if Lego chooses to create this set. You can never have enough monster minifigures!

-Couch has a really cool feature where the top opens to reveal a mouth full of teeth. Don't get too close!

-Book Case has an eyeball that rotates and pops out with a lever. Look closely and you will see some other surprises!

-Lamp is adjustable on top and swivels at the base.

-TV has a fun show playing on it with the classic bunny ear antennae on top.

We hope you enjoy viewing the pictures as much as we had fun in building it. We really hope this is built by Lego and perhaps additional monster sets could be made in the future. We also have a Holiday Gingerbread Robot up if you want to take a look. Thanks!

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