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Sprint Car 4


This is the 4th sprint car in a series. As like the others, it has high design quality, and it is sturdy. This is a model of my favorite sprint car I saw. It is yellow, with a little bit of black.

Sprint cars have a top speed of 190 mph and 950 horsepower. That's so fast! Sprint cars have cool look, to me.

I built this because I went to a sprint car race once, and it was amazing, I will never forget it. I want other people who like sprint cars to enjoy this one, and others, but the only way is to support this car and the others I have made.

  • a yellow with a little bit of black sprint car
  • a minifigure
  • sturdy sprint car
  • opening roof
  • all existing LEGO parts( as do all others)
  • all of the cars fit figures

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