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20.000 Leagues under the Sea NAUTILUS


Final Countdown

We are almost there!

You people out there are amazing!!!

So much great support for this project.

I am reading a lot in the comments about how the model should have an interior.

On the big model it actually has an interior in the main room and the bridge as you can see here:

On the small model, allthough it still should have the figures included,

the model would be out of scale for the figures.

Might be cool to have them as microfigures, like in the LEGO Helicarrier.

I would be happy enough with the model itself, but i also know how cool it would be to have the minifigures:

Again thank you all for your support on this!






Thank you all for your support!

Dear LEGO Community,

i am very happy about all the supports this project is getting in the last weeks.

HUGE THANKS to BRICKNERD.COM and BRICKSET.COM for their support here!

So as i promised i have an update ready for you!

I managed to scale down the NAUTILUS, so it is half the scale of the original model.

The model displayed in the main description is 1,40 meters in lenght and has over 3000 elements.

My latest model is only 70 cm in lenght and has under 1000 elements.

In general i havn´t such a good feeling when it comes to bigger sets and if we will ever have

a large pricepoint LEGO IDEAS set on the shelf, still i hope this has the potential to do so,

even I think it could be the category set of a star destroyer, regarding box size and price.

The scalability on this model is still adjustable for a final product stage anyway

and i hope LEGO will look into this matter, so we can find a solution!

I hope you enjoy this update and the pictures attached and i am looking forward to hopefully reach the 10000 supports soon!

With kind regards



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