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RC Jeep Crawler


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Hi, everyone! This is CleverWaffle27 with my latest project, the RC Jeep Crawler! I'm hoping to reach 10,000 supporters and get this awesome creation available as a LEGO set for you guys! As you can see, it's massive, and loaded with features and playability. Adventure awaits!


  • Sturdy chassis and body
  • Sharp color scheme
  • Driven by two Power Functions XL motors, geared down 3:5 for excellent power!
  • Steered by a Power Functions Servo motor (Rack and Pinion)
  • Powered by a Power Functions AAA Battery Box
  • Four 81.6 x 38 R tires, some of the largest that LEGO has to offer!
  • Crawler Style suspension (Live Axle), using Hard Shock Absorbers (Yellow Type)
  • Detailed interior and exterior, along with intricate reclining seats
  • Bright functional headlights
  • Opening and self-closing doors (using LEGO rubber bands)
  • Posable sideview mirrors
  • Great performance, especially outdoors! You'll be surprised to see what this offroader can handle!
  • 'Rock' props are included with the set!

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