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Ice Cream Van


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 No LEGO City is complete without an ice cream van, but, as far as I know, LEGO hasn't made one! Therefore I have built one.

It also comes with a 32x32 baseplate and two minifigures, a costumer and the owner. Other features are: 

  • A red and white colour scheme
  • A large ice cream on the roof
  • Four ice lollies
  • Three ice creams
  • A detailed dashboard
  • Steering wheel
  • Dials
  • Two seats
  • A gear stick
  • A fold down hatch for when it's closed
  • Four trees
  • Two speed limit signs
  • A dustbin

The Ice Cream Van measures

  • 8 studs wide
  • 18 studs long
  • 202 bricks

The whole thing is 216 bricks.

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