Product Idea

The Beast

Presidential Limousine - The Beast
The Beast is the safest vehicle in the world, This is beacuse The Beast responsible for the safety of the US President. It equipped with many life-saving and defensive measures. That's why The Beast is one of the most exclusive automobiles.

I keep the characteristic of the beast to make it more realistic.
-Two fire exdinguish inside.
-First aid kit behind the president's seat.
-Firefighting system and president's blood type inside car boot.
-Night vision cameras combine with engine behind the front grille.
-The beast normally holds two flags, one being the American flag and the other being the Presidential flag. When The president is visiting a country, the Presidential flag is replaced by the flag of that country.

I hope you will like and support this project and i hope you want one The Beast in your LEGO city.
Thank you for your watching and kind attention.