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Airstream Globetrotter 27FB


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This is the Airstream Globetrotter 27FB in LEGO!

This is the LEGO Airstream Globetrotter 27FB in LEGO. This "epitome of modern style" Airstream trailer really "turns heads and hearts" on the highway, so I made this in LEGO to turn "hands and bricks". After 14 days of work, this is the result of the beautiful vehicle.

Why I made this:
I made this in LEGO because, as shown and said many times, I want to show that RVs are great (somehow) and to bring art and RVs together. Since Airstream trailers are the epitome of camping, I decide to make one in LEGO and see how it would popularize in LEGO IDEAS.

How this was made:
Designing this Airstream trailer was a hassle. It had all those crazy curves and lines. Instead, I successfully designed all the curves on the exterior and interior - even the end caps. Also, the walls are on their side so it could help with the curviness. The Copenhagen Cream interior ended up being really gorgeous with the Dark Walnut. After all, I loved the result of this LEGO Airstream.

This LEGO Airstream basically has a fully designed exterior + interior, working things, awnings, and other little things. You can see all the features in my video walkthrough in my YouTube division:

I really loved this LEGO Airstream. Even though the point of my channel is to show people that RVs can be great, it would be nice if it also became a set! Go ahead and support this Idea! Feel free to comment, whatever. Also, share this too! I know you have relatives/friends that love Airstream. Thanks a lot for your support!

Remember my Goal: 1,000 supporters! (1st - 100, 2nd - 300, 3rd - 600, 4th - 1,000!)

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