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Premier Inn


Check in to the Premier Inn and make sure you get your reservation for dinner in the  Table Table Next Door.

Choose to use the machines but if it can't find the reservation you made talk to the receptionist and she'll help you. Walk over to your room or if it is on a upper floor then take the lift. Then lie your minifigure down on the bed or if it has to do some work then leave it to it and when it is ready for dinner go to the restaurant and then let the waitress take its order and give it to the chef. Then when it is ready to set it down lie it on the bed.

Minifigures include: Waiter(Kate),Chef , Receptionist (Andrea),Alone Female Traveller, Couple and 6 year old daughter or just call the couple and daughter a family.

I gave the table table a location name: Brick-side  Park. The hotel also includes 3 trundle beds.


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