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Harbor Manor Beach House


Welcome to the beautiful and luxurious Harbor Manor!

This 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom luxury estate is based upon a beautiful beach, combining fun in the sun with high class living. Beginning at the front door is the fully furnished living room, featuring a loveseat, armchair, and bookshelf. Offering an open concept floor plan, the living room meets the large open kitchen which includes features such as a stove, indoor grill, sink and refrigerator. The upstairs offers a large, fully furnished master suite, as well as a master en suite bathroom with all standard fixtures. The basement of the home features a utilities closet housing the furnace and water heater, as well as a connected indoor garage  accessible from the basement. The home also features a hidden shelter/storage room under the front deck! Outside the home offers the real "beach" feel, including mature palm trees towering either side of the home, as well as beautiful landscaping and greenery. Around back, The home features a large beachfront observation deck as well as a long fishing pier that extends over the water. On the beach is a dock for private vessel docking. Thank you for your continued support of my projects! Be sure to follow this and my other projects for upcoming updates! 

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