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Micro Osgiliath


"After a little they found that they were on a path descending steeply; soon it grew so narrow that they went in single file, brushing a stony wall on either side; their guards steered them from behind with hands laid firmly on their shoulders. Now and again they came to rough places and were lifted from their feet for a while, and then set down again. Always the noise of the running water was on their right hand, and it grew nearer and louder."

This project is a micro recreation of the city in Middle-Earth named Osgiliath. It is located in the realm of Gondor, just east of Minas Tirith. It was of old a great city and the capital of Gondor, until it was besieged and fell into ruin along with its great bridge during the Third Age. During the War of the Ring it was used as a military outpost and a crossing of the great river Anduin, but after the defeat of Sauron it may have been rebuilt by Aragorn II Elessar. The project includes some stony and destroyed buildings, the broken bridge and some of the Anduin.

I think that it would be good to have this because it is a fairly significant location in Middle-Earth and it would be nice to have a mini recreation of it to display, for LOTR fans especially. Its also good because since it is small it is mildly durable and also very portable. The price would be around $10-$13 for this. So please support and follow, for if you do, you will have my gratitude. Goodbye for the present!


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