Product Idea

Intercity High-Speed Train "RailConnect100"

It's a new high-speed intercity train for LEGO City named "RailConnect 100". I developed RailConnect 100 for the railway in my LEGO city. This electric multiple unit (EMU) consist of 5 carriages:

• 2 engines on the ends with Power Functions/PoweredUP! battery blocks and a small restaurant;

• 2 economy class carriages;

• 1 business class carriage with doors.

This train is based on 8 studs-wide aircraft parts  

I think this set will be very good for LEGO, because:

• Current trains are sometimes thin to place some things, and this train is  2 studs wider;

• There are only two train types in LEGO train sub-series: passenger and cargo. I think LEGO should divide passenger trains in regional (which can be 60197 or new set) and intercity high-speed. I have developed a prototype of intercity high-speed train.

P. S. Because of technic restrictions the train has doors only on one sides. It isn't necessary, but I would like LEGO to release a special part to make doors on both sides of this train.