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House of Poison Ivy


This is a house of Poison Ivy.

The walls are decorated with flowers which she raised. Leaves with flowers close the entrance instead of the door. Ivy can order the plants and they will open the doorway to her. In the room Ivy has a bed all covered with plants and flowers. Nearby there is a dressing table with a live flower, and there is also a lipstick and a mirror on it. To make it comfortable to sit, Ivy made her chair from plants and decorated it with flowers. Opposite the bed there is a shelf with poisons. On the shelves hanged poisonous vines that never harm ivy. Instead of the roof in the house of Ivy there are leaves and flowers protecting the house from the rain. Ivy decided to make her life in the house amusing and created live animals from plants: a rabbit, a hedgehog, a bird and a squirrel. And this set also has Poison Ivy itself and ... drumroll ... Pamela Isley !!!!

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