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The Southern Swamp


This project is a recreation of the Southern Swamp area in the game The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask where there is poisonous water, Deku flowers, Deku/Business Scrubs, witches, giant dragonflys and monkeys. This project includes poisonous purple water with waterfall, two Deku flowers, the stone that the Song of Soaring is carved on, the door that leads to Woodfall, two platforms, a sword, a shield and The Ocarina of Time. The Minifigures include Link and Deku Link.

This project is the start of a series of the four areas in Majora's Mask that I will make. The areas would be The Southern Swamp, The Mountain Village, The Great Bay and Ikana Canyon. The reason that I think this would be a good set is because this area is an area with a dungeon [The Woodfall Temple], and that makes it important. If you grew up playing the Legend of Zelda games, or if you just started playing them, or even if have never played them, then please support this project.


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