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Motoshop and Disco Café


Dear LEGO friends,

let me introdukce my new LEGO modular building projects. I missed in my own LEGO city motoshop so I decided to make one. This corner building is inspired by functionalist architecture.

My set consists of three floors fully equipped with various accessories.

On the ground floor you will find a shop with motorcycles and various accessories. Biker clothing on a rotating stand, various tools, tires, helmets, handlebars, oil cans and more. Three motorcycles dominate the exhibition area, which are perfectly visible through the glass shop window. The shop is marked by large signboards on the building as well as a motorcycle frame above the entrance.

There is a separate staircase from the street to the first floor. Here you will find a daytime café, which turns into an 80s disco every night. The dance floor made of colored tiles illuminated by two rows of spotlights invites every dancer. There is also a DJ with his awards. In addition to coffee and cakes, you can get chilled drinks from the fridge. French windows on this floor are sliding and of course equipped with railings.

A staircase takes you to the second floor, where is a freezer for ice creams and colorful tables inviting you to sit with a good drink. The railings are equipped with wooden boxes with flowers.

The building is equipped with folding sunblinds, which match the color of the roof, the sidewalk is complemented by mosaics and a flowering tree.

The whole set consists of approximately 1700 parts and contains 6 minifigures: a shop assistant in a motoshop, a customer, two disco dancers, a DJ and a barman.

Thanks a lot for your visit and of course for your vote if you are interested in this modular building.

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