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Lord of The Rings - Bag End

I was surprised to see the iconic hobbit hole left out of the Lord of The Rings series, so I made a small one of my own. It uses a minimal number of pieces to create the 'underhill' effect and is therefore easy to build and would not cost more than £40, I imagine.

There is a whole room for the characters to move about in and an entrance that can lead to another room if the builder so desired. I left a peg there to show how another room could be attached (image below).

Below you can see a room at Bag End. Included is the fireplace before which Gandalf and Frodo discuss what is to be done about the ring, as it sits in its envelope on the mantelpiece.

Bilbo's desk and chair look towards the window, just like in the film, and a map lies upon the desk, foreboding Bilbo's departure for the mountains.

All of the furniture is seamlessly attached to the floor for easy play and movement of the set. Even the plate and cup is studded onto the table; only the characters and their peripherals are placed rather than stuck down.

My Lego collection is relatively small and, as you can see, some of the colours and pieces could be replaced by more fitting ones for the final set to be sold. Also, if I had had more brown pieces I would have preferred to make a shelf to accompany Bilbo's desk rather than the walking-stick holder. (The chair should be completely brown and the black sloped brick at the front should be grey).

Perhaps the unique piece that this set comes with would be the famous circular door. It could be of similar thickness and design to the one below, but consist of a single hinge on one side and be round in shape.

Hope you have enjoyed viewing Bag End, and would like to see this as a set so that the opening of the film/book can be relived again and again.

Thanks for viewing, and happy to answer any questions.

Here's the video - which includes a bonus motorized Lego wagon for Gandalf!

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