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The Titan


When you're heavily outnumbered, you can always call in The Titan!

I got inspierd from a game where you play as a pilot, and later in the game you can control a Titan. I also got inspiration from movies like Pacific Rim, Avnegers Age of Ultron (Hulkbuster), Star Wars and more.

So I decided to build my very own Titan in Lego. With all of my experience with big lego robots, I have discovered that they often show it's technic parts that holds the construction together. So when I built it I had to keep in mind to cover those technic parts. It was also important to let it have a good balance, which now is pretty good, actually.
(I also maked sure it looked good)

Most of the lego designed robots (no offense) doesn't cover the pilot to 100%. In most of the sets you can easily see the pilot. So when it was time to build the cockpit, I wanted to cover the interior to a 100%. And it's covered, you can't see in from the outside when the hatchets are down/closed.

The most challenging part to build was actually the back. It was so hard to get the lineholder in a good position, so that you easily can wind up the line after you used the grappling missile. Just turn the black gear on the backside to get the line back in it's place.

The set includes:

- The Titan
- 1 pilot minifgure
- 1 Jetpack-soldier minifigure
- 1 hair pieces Orange
- 1 hair pieces Brown

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