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Rocket Dogs Hotdog Restaurant



Welcome to first project submission.

I  was inspired by the Hotdog server from the recent Series 17 CMF release to build a Hotdog restuarant, I call it Rocket Dogs.

I built this on a 32x32 baseplate but as with all my MOC's I leave a one stud gap on the sides and the back a 3 stud gap at the front to allow me to add tiles as connecting points to other baseplates. I used 1x6x5 panels to build up the outer walls and keep the part count down. The logo is made from the Rocketboy minfigure minus the body I left the smiling face as I like the look of it, instead the inside has red and grey studs leading down to trans yellow,orange and red studs for flames. The logo then has grey and white studs for smoke from the takeoff.

The interior floor has red and white checkerboard design to match the staff aprons. The restroom has a toilet, sink and spare toilet rolls. The office has a desk and computer for the manager's use. There are yellow and red seats and yellow tables.

The restuarant comes with:

  1. Kitchen with grill, drinks machine and space for staff
  2. Mangers office
  3. Toilet
  4. Store room
  5. Walk-in Freezer/Fridge
  6. Seating for customers
  7. Jumper tiles on both sides of the counter to allow figures to stand

 Possible accessories could include: hotdogs, buns, coffee cup and Milkshake cups.

I have also include six minifigures, the three are the Series 17 figures with changes to the face and hair for two of them. The three customers are figures I made from parts I had to hand. Should this make it to the final stages Lego could stick with these or replace them with different designs.

Thank for looking and I hope I can count on your support.



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