Garbage Truck

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This lego technic garbage collection truck is fully functional and remote controlled. The set is built with pieces of the sets 42030 and 42043 plus a few other parts mainly from the 80ies.

The essential part of the model is the back where the bin and waste are treated. The mechanism for lifting the refuse bin is unique, looks very realistic and is amazingly lifelike in its movement: first lifting the bin parallel to the back and then turning it upside down towards the dump in a circle. All this is done in a single and smooth movement operated by an M-motor at the back controlled either by switch or remotely. The waste then is compacted and shifted into the truck with two pneumatically operated panels as it is done in reality at trucks for bulky waste. The back of the garbage truck can be opened and the rubbish is ejected, both using mechanisms based on an auxiliary motor.

The three-axle vehicle chassis includes an XL-motor for driving in front of the rear axles and an L-motor for steering which stands behind the seats of the cabin. The modified gear box is driven by another L-motor for auxiliary functions namely the pneumatic pump and the functions needed for emptying the truck. The IR sensors are mounted at the roof of the vehicle. The cabin has got a spoiler to cover the step from the cabin to the container. Since the back of the vehicle is not lightweight due to the overhang, a second battery for supplying the motors is used as counterweight for the part that swings back and up during opening so that an easy operation is ensured.