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Chibi Lego builds ( CHIBO'S ) STAR WARS - Clones Red, Blue and Orange

Hey there,
So this is my CUUSOO submission, My idea is is to create cute little CHIBO builds, Chibi style Lego characters.

This is my second set of CHIBO'S featuring a set of 3 Clones from STAR WARS.

I have many other characters ready to submit but I will be doing these in sets of three. Hopefully, if we can get enough support we could have a whole cast of characters in this style.

Second set is-

Red clone (Shock Trooper)
Blue Clone (Rex)
Orange Clone (Cody)

Each one has between 315 - 348 parts and I have packed in as much articulation into the little guys as I can to make them super pose-able and fun.

Each one has ball jointed neck/head as well as full 360' shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and ankles, pose-able fingers as well as some articulated costume parts eg. visors etc.
Each one comes with at least one weapon.

These would look great on display or great for play, so hopefully will appeal to both adult collectors as well as kids.

More sets to come soon.

Blue Clone (Rex)-
Twin Blaster

Orange Clone (Commander Cody)-
Hologram emperor (to give order 66) :)

Red Clone (Shock Trooper)-
Flip down Visor
Blaster rifle which can be attached to his back.

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Thanks for looking,
Please support as I will be adding more sets shortly with some really great characters that I hope everyone will love.

Once again any comments or suggestions pleas let me know.

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