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Hanzo's Castle

"If you must blink, do it now" -Kubo

This LEGO Set is based of Kubo and the Two Strings. From the same studio that brought Coraline, Laika. Someone made a Coraline house LEGO Set so I thought why not make a Kubo and the Two Strings LEGO Set? Kubo is an iconic movie because of how powerful the movie is and how uniquely the movie is made. In order to convey that 

I present to you, Hanzo's Castle

Hanzo's Castle is the biggest turning point of the movie. In order to convey that powerful moment. I recreated the fight scene in the courtyard. Initially, there was going to be 5 minifigures, Kubo, Hanzo, Monkey and the Two Sisters. In the front, you can see the war torn castle. 

Features of the Build:

Tilted Castle
Two sub castles
The sub castles fold into the courtyard in the back. 
When the sub castles fold, it creates the scene where Monkey and Beetle die.

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