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Magnum Spaceship



"Attention, this is the "M6" crew. We are entering the atmosphere now. We go to the strip from the southwest. Estimated arrival time is 240 seconds. Switching on the brake engines in 170 second"

                                                         *End of message*

Magnum-cargo spacecraft capable of performing flights both between planets and in their atmosphere. The model is made aesthetically, in a futuristic style and covered with smooth plates, which adds to its realism and will perfectly fit into your collection. The pilot's cabin is attached to the body by a design that allows easy movement to detach it and simulate an ejection. In appearance, the model seems too long and you can say that two points of support will not be enough for it, but no! The model is made of plates arranged in such a way that they support the structure like a skeleton. I really hope for your support!!