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Infinite Empire Troop Transporter


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My name is Aran or as you would know me, Tardigrades!

I LOVE Lego.

I was roaming around a lego website called Brickset when I encountered 4 Star Wars: The Old Republic Sets.

I searched up the Old Republic and found a bunch of things.

I read the Wookiepedia and all that other stuff.

I now know a lot about The Old Republic.

I also realised that Disney will be making some Star Wars: The Old Republic movies and I decided to make some Lego Sets for Lego.

I also made two Old Republic battle packs and I will make more Old Republic stuff if you like this set.

I am also working on a Minecraft lego set called 'The Ocean Monument', as well as the new version of the Lego LapTop, set that I made a few weeks earlier.