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Fire Truck for Tunnel


During the evening story I read a fire book to my son. He showed me a truck and asked me “Why this truck doesn’t exist in the fire collection of LEGO City? Yes you’re right, it’s true!!

So I built this fire truck with his bricks! A free inspiration of “Janus 4000”, a truck used for the Mont-Blanc Tunnel. 

Since my son plays a lot with it, it’s so easy to go in one way and the other way without turn, the truck does a lot of miles in his room!! Wonderful for him, and I’m sure, wonderful for a lot of child all over the world.

That why I decided to propose my fire truck to LEGO ideas, because it gives a real value-added to the current collection, it’s a true new truck for a fire station. It will make the happiness of small and large, hours of fun guaranteed!

To complete the set I built the essential secondary element: a tunnel in fire!! And I proposed 2 minifigures with their materials.

I hope you like it, thanks a lot for your support. Have hours of fun.

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