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LEGO Ideas Flowchart


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LEGO Ideas is a dream come true for many fans, granting them the ability to propose, vote on and comment about future, fan-made LEGO sets. What better way to celebrate this great opportunity then to have a flow-chart made of LEGOs, meant to help creators keep track of the progress of their projects?


Scene 1: Idea!

Got an idea? Great! Build it up, and take pictures, all within the comfort of your home, with a perfect atmosphere for dreaming up concepts. It's a great place to generate and create ideas!


Scene 2: Gather Support

Now that you've posted your set, gather supporters! Featuring a computer, desk, comfortable office chair, you're all ready to roll!


Scene 3: Tough Luck

Not hitting 10,000 supporters within the year can feel like the dumps. But don't worry; simply hike on back to the Ideas stage and try again!


Scene 4: Success!

Congratulations! You've made 10,000 supporters! You've climbed to the top and are on your way to be reviewed!


Tracker Tokens

Keep track of your project with several multi-colored pieces. Assign a color to your project and mark them as you go along.