Product Idea


The TESLA Radio Frequency Space Superiority type 15 is a spaceborne electronic attack platform with a variety of directed energy and jamming capabilities.

This set is packed with detail and requires dexterity to put together. Turning the model over is not required to complete the build, but there are 3 sub-assemblies and 4 further sub-sub-assemblies that will challenge beginner builders. Recommended age range is 7 and up, but particularly dextrous younger children will be able to put it together.

Once completed, this set is capable of swoosh factor 7. Moving landing gear and thrust vectoring fins make it fun to fly around All the details are firmly attached and tucked out of the way so that they don't fall off during swooshing. The long antennas, usually a weak point on space builds, are oriented to be out of the way and are firmly attached. Each is held on by a minimum of 2 other parts.

Suggested retail would be around $17.00 US due to the high parts count.