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Sunset Painting

This is my LEGO Ideas Sunset painting. I love going outside or going to see the sunset on the beach. It is amazing and fun to look at, l like to see sunset every day. The idea was from a store that I go to that has a lot of pictures of nature and difference painting of sunset. This project was fun and amazing to make this LEGO sunset in 3D. I put a lot of details in this project and uses lots of different colors in this project. I'm trying to make this in 3D, but I am happy with how it turned out with the colors in this project. This LEGO 3D Art sunset has a lighthouse with a brick build sun minifigure, it has some glow in the dark pieces in this project. 3D is a three-dimensional object or a three-dimensional model. The LEGO 3-D Art Mosaic Sunset painting has over 566 pieces.

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