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What Lies Beneath the Sea?

Have you ever been playing on the beach and wondered, “What is beneath all this water?” This build not only explores what is happening on the land, but dives into the world under the sea!

The build has two main parts: the beach and the ocean. The easiest to spot is probably the beach. It’s on top and swimming with fun. To the left of the build there is a towel laid-out, an umbrella set-up, and a table full of yummy snacks. Unfortunately, after laying out in the sun so long, a mini-figure has sunburned his arms! 😦 Not so lucky for him…. Anyways, you might also be able to spot a majestic sandcastle that has been left on the sandy beach. It must have been so much fun to build! Everyone always has fun at the. Even the animals like snails, crabs, birds, and even spiders are free to wander the beach! But how has no one spotted a mysterious paper, buried in the sand. You know… it kinda looks like… a treasure map! Wonder where the treasure could be… You might also see something red poking out of the water. Not to worry! It’s only a small submarine taking pictures of the beautiful underwater world. Speaking of the underwater world…

The other main part of the build, as mentioned before, is the underwater section. You can access this by pushing the beach scene down. This is made possible by hinges in the back. To ensure the beach doesn’t fall backwards, it is enforced with ropes holding it down. Back to the underwater scene….It features all kinds of underwater wildlife including eels, crabs, and fish. Is the pole in the front blocking the beautiful view or getting in the way of play space? Simply push it down and it will be out of the way! Moving to left of the build you may spot… wait… is that? A pirate flag! Perfect to go along with the map! A pirate ship must have sunk here long ago. As most know, with pirates comes… treasure! Somewhere in the build is hidden treasure full with colorful gems. But will anyone ever find them? Coincidentally, a peaceful scuba diver is heading its way. All he is doing is taking pictures. Will he ever find the treasure? That will be up to you to decide….

When you are finished playing with the underwater section, all you have to do is push the pole back up, snap the brick on the bottom of the beach scene into the pole, and it’s done!

This build is packed with fun, tons of features, and secrets to be discovered. It would make a great set to play with or display in your home. Please support this set so you may sea it on shelves! 🤭

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