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Porsche 911


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Hey everyone,

I am happy to present my replica of the Porsche 911 to Lego Ideas Team and everyone who visited this page!

How it all started

The real-life 911 is an iconic model and a perfect example of signature Porsche style with curvy lines, round front lights and smooth body shape that no other car has. The choice to make exactly this model was inspired by the official set of Porsche GT3, but my way has been a bit different, as I wanted to make the car smaller. The final push for me to sit down and say "yep, I want to build this" was the contest, therefore I could make my plans come true and finally have a final decision to start with my Porsche.

The model

My version of 911 is made in smaller scale compared to GT3 set - first of all, because I wanted to concentrate on details instead of size (this doesn't mean I'm trying to criticize the set, it's amazing) and to be able to place the model on the shelf :P In further perspective, if the dream will come true and the set will be produced, it will be less expensive than GT3 and therefore a bit more available for the ones who want to buy it.

The model features:

  • 5+R manual gearbox with controls inside the car;
  • Steering system with functioning steering wheel;
  • Fully independent suspension;
  • Opening doors and adjustable seats.

Why this project?

The Porsche theme itself is interesting and could be not a single-set appearance but a small line of sets like the Technic / Volvo one. Exactly this model could be a smaller collectible set for those who can't afford the exclusive GT3 or simply want another Porsche on their shelf. Of course, there is a lot of work to do and a huge gap between this concept and what the real sets look like (e.g. more efficient parts' use, improved gearbox, a flat 6-engine at the back and other small details), but I'm really interested in improving this model and will be extremely happy to see the dream come true. 

Feel free to vote for this project if you would like to - I will be very thankful to every single supporter! :)

Best wishes,  _spacehopper_

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