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ROBLOX Classic Set


ROBLOX LEGO Contest Finalist! and 42 supporters!!!

[Full Image] Great news today!!! This has been nominated as one of the 8 finalists for the ROBLOX LEGO Ideas Contest! Thanks for the original voters on the wishpond voting page, your support has led this project featured again for the 2nd time on the ROBLOX Blog! Wowza!

Also thanks for 42 supporters! Can we reach over 50? Hmmm... please share and vote! We are STILL almost there to 100 LOLOL


30+ Supporters!

[Full Image] Thanks for 33 supporters! Can we reach 40? Big thanks for all the positive comments I have recieved so far! It really helps give the project a good boost!!


Featured on the Official Roblox Blog!

Thank you Roblox for using my entry as one of the Lego Building Contest examples! I am grateful for the support!


15 Supporters!

[Full Image] Thank you all! Couldnt have done it without your support! Let's try and reach over 20 if we can! We have around 355 days left to gather support! Let's do this! 

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