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ROBLOX Classic Set


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Hello all! Welcome to my first LEGO ideas set! It is based on the hit physics-based online sandbox game ROBLOX!

EXPLORE Classic Roblox!

  • all the swords from SFOTH, on adjustable stands.
  • features famous elements of famous ROBLOX classics such as Happy Home in ROBLOXIA, SFOTH, ROBLOX HQ, Crossroads Tower, Chaos Canyon.
  • 2 AWESOME slides and a legit working see saw.

It comes with 5 minifigs each one being: Guest, Builderman, Telamon, Ninja Noob, Zombie Sensei! 

I have built this set to propose the classic environment of ROBLOX and to combine them into one playable set, I did not originally intend them to represent a series of sets. 

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this set, and help support it until it reaches 10,000! It would be amazing if it does! 

Think it. Build it. Create it. ROBLOX!



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