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Velocitaurus Rex Breakout

“The Velocitaurus Rex is a ravenous hybrid of three different species of dinosaur. With the exceeding hunting ability and agility of a Velociraptor, the ferocious horns and spikes of a Carnotaurus and the brute size of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Velocitaurus Rex is one of the most feared predators of the dinosaur kingdom. The Lego model being roughly 38 centimetres in length, approximately 15.5 centimetres in height and 8.5 centimetres from hip to hip, this dinosaur would have dwarfed cars by a considerable amount.”
After that brief introduction about the Velocitaurus Rex, I will get into the description of this model! Let’s start with the gate, to the left is a rocky wall with a small keypad on its right. Further towards the right of the wall, there is a small area that the Velocitaurus Rex can crash through! Along the top of the wall there are small electrical bars that, when touched, will give the Velocitaurus Rex a little shock. Don’t worry though, it’s just a little jolt to stop him from making a little snack out of any of the passing tourists that have come to visit him. Instead of eating the tourists, there is a nice big turkey for him to enjoy! Yum! Beneath that there is a large door that can swing open to allow people to enter the enclosure. On the floor next to the wall, there is a fossilised Velocitaurus Rex footprint embedded in the sand. The two minifigures include a security guard and a tourist, which can both fit into the Velocitaurus Rex’s mouth when pushed to the back! (Go and check out the original contest entry on my old account with this link: )

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