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Mayberry Courthouse


Hey Mayberry fans!

So, I made the Courthouse from the classic Andy Griffith Show.  It comes with:

Warren Ferguson

Barney Fife

Andy Taylor

Otis Campbell

Floyd Lawson

Opie Taylor

Inside, I've got the desk, a chair behind it, eight other chairs for visitors, the American Flag, the File Cabinet, the Gun Rack w/ guns, a map behind the desk, the phone, the railing, Barney's desk, Barney's chair, the bookcase, the radio, the wanted posters, the windows, the gas heater, the water, the posters in Maximum Security Cell 2, the radio in Maximum Security Cell 1, the jail window, the poster in the back room, the bookcase in the back, the TV, the couch, the four chairs in the Mayors office, the pictures, the desk, the fan, the table w/ books, the Christmas Lights on top, the columns out front, the lights, the benches, and the squad car.

Thanks for looking and please help me get to 10,000!


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